The mission teams at TCC will be used in many ways to further our ministry here in Hollygrove.   We will be involving mission teams in 3 areas:

  1. Education
    First we will educate our mission team members to the urban ministry mindset and issues related to urban ministry.
  2. Response
    We will be responding to the issues taught and talked about.  Teams will be sent out into the neighborhood to experience and explore the culture of Hollygrove, serving and interacting with the neighbors and residents.
  3. Service
    We will be involving the team members in our summer camp or after school program to help with our youth programs.


Below is a schedule of activities for the week…this schedule is subject to change.

Learn and Experience Workshops
9:00-10:00 Speaker/teacher Topic 10:00-12:00
Monday Jarvain TCC, history, mission, vision Neighborhood tour
Tuesday Evelyn Race relations in N.O./history Walk to grocery store/budget
Wednesday Kevin Cultural Lenses Serve lunch to seniors
Thursday Duane or Josh Education Tour of Lafayette/ volunteer


If you are interested in a mission experience with Trinity Christian Community please contact Sandy Brown, Volunteer Coordinator, sandy@tccno.org  Click here to fill out our mission trip form