History of TCC

History Kevin Brown

Brief Historical Overview: Trinity Christian Community

           Founded in 1967 by the Rev. William J. Brown, Trinity Christian Community arose in response to the organized church leaving the city.  At a time when race relations were at their nadir, Rev. Brown recognized that opportunities for African American, at-risk youth were largely non-existent.  He began mobilizing the churches to recognize the nature of the problem, recruiting volunteers to assist the efforts and to create unique programs for our city’s youth.

In the late 60’s and he began with a community center on Erato Street, called the Upper Room.  It functioned as a “drop-in” center with activities for youth, a coffee house, a day camp, a training institute, a counseling office, a network for churches to respond to the needs of the poor and more.  It expanded to six sites at one point.

Because there were few resources for urban youth in the summers, he organized day camps, summer camping programs, educational and literacy programs, youth clubs (i.e. the Boy Scouts), even a food bank.  This involved tremendous planning and coordination.  For example, planning a week of summer camp meant renting a facility in Mississippi, recruiting sufficient volunteers to act as counselors, cooks, etc., purchasing food, organizing activities, and all the other requisite planning.

In part, because of these efforts, other programs began emulating his efforts.  Today programs like Desire St. Ministries and Urban Impact Ministries are in existence due to his tutelage.

Today TCC continues such innovative programs under the directorship of Rev. Brown’s eldest son, Kevin.  Having participated in the aforementioned programs as a youth, and armed with a Master’s degree and a previous career as a child and family counselor, he returned to New Orleans to take over the reins of this important community ministry.

TCC is housed in the Hollygrove community of New Orleans, an area roughly defined by Palmetto Ave., Carrollton Ave., Claiborne Ave. and the Parish line.  It is a very needy community with above average crime, a plethora of substance abuse and sales, decaying housing and a lack of resources for youth.

Current youth programs include: after-school tutoring with computer assisted learning, character education, substance abuse prevention, field trips, day camps, summer camps, entrepreneurship education, service learning opportunities and participation with Gen. Colin Powell’s America’s Promise youth program.

In response to the decaying housing in the community, TCC has embarked on several programs.  We have painted and repaired the homes of several elderly or indigent homeowners.  This year we have purchased and are completely renovating a blighted property using volunteers, donated materials and community partnerships (i.e. the Rotary Club, Carrollton United, Adventures in Missions, Woodland Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers Presbyterian Church and others).

TCC’s vision is to be the premier youth leadership program in New Orleans, developing and equipping urban leaders for the next generation.  We seek to provide all 5 Promises of America’s Promise to area youth: safe places to go during non-school hours, caring adult mentors, a healthy start for a healthy future, opportunities to give back through service and marketable skills.  With our broad array of programs for at-risk youth and community improvement, we are accomplishing this vision.