History of TCC

Trinity Community Center (“TCC”) is a Hollygrove institution, serving as the premier non-profit foundation for transforming youth. For over 50 years, TCC has provided opportunity and hope to the youth of Hollygrove from our expansive facility within the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans.


TCC ensures success is within reach of every young person who enters our doors by providing educational support, mentorship, and spiritual development. This commitment and service from within the community empowers each student to meet his or her true potential.

Founded in 1967 by the Reverend William J. Brown, TCC emerged in response to the organized church leaving the city.  At a time when race relations were at their lowest point, Reverend Brown recognized that opportunities for African Americans and at-risk youth were largely non-existent.  He began mobilizing the churches to recognize the nature of the problem, recruiting volunteers to assist the efforts, and creating unique programs for the youth of New Orleans.

In the late 1960’s, he began his mission with a community center on Erato Street called the Upper Room.  It functioned as a “drop-in” center with activities for youth, including a coffee house, day camp, training institute, counseling office, and network for churches to respond to the needs of the poor.  At one point, these community centers expanded to six different locations.

Noticing that there were few resources for urban youth in the summers, he organized day-camps, outdoor camping programs, educational programs, literacy programs, youth clubs (ex. The Boy Scouts), and a food bank.  These offerings involved a tremendous amount of planning and coordination.  Specifically, planning a week of summer camp entailed renting a facility in Mississippi, recruiting a multitude of volunteers (counselors, cooks, etc.), purchasing food, organizing activities, creating programming, and arranging all of the required logistics.

Due to these efforts, a multitude of other institutions in New Orleans began to emulate his efforts.  Today, programs like Desire St. Ministries and Urban Impact Ministries are in existence because of his guidance and leadership.

Following Reverend Brown’s tenure as director, his eldest son – Kevin Brown – furthered his father’s mission through the continued creation of innovative programs within the Hollygrove community.  Having participated in TCC’s programs as a youth, a Master’s Degree, and a previous career as a child and family counselor, Kevin returned to New Orleans to continue the mission of this important community institution.

TCC is housed in the Hollygrove community of New Orleans, an area roughly defined by Palmetto Ave., Carrollton Ave., Claiborne Ave. and the Parish line.  It is an extremely impoverished community with an above average crime rate. Moreover, it is plagued by substance abuse, dilapidated housing, decaying infrastructure, and overall lack of resources.

In response to the dilapidated housing within the community, TCC has embarked on several restoration programs.  Through serving the community as a whole, the mission of TCC has evolved.  Staying true to this evolution, TCC has embarked on painting, repairing, and building homes for the elderly and indigent members of the community.  Recently, TCC began purchasing and renovating blighted properties with the help of volunteers, donated materials, and community partnerships (i.e. the Rotary Club, Carrollton United, Adventures in Missions, Woodland Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers Presbyterian Church, and many more).

After years of service under the tutelage of Kevin Brown, Jarvain Bingmon was elected as the current executive director of TCC. Continuing the family mission, Reverend Brown’s daughter Sondra Brown was also elected as the current Board Chair.  Building on the work of both Reverend Brown and Kevin Brown, TCC’s current mission is to serve as the Hollygrove neighborhood’s premier institution for transforming youth through educational support, mentorship, and spiritual development.  TCC’s vision is to equip the youth of Hollygrove today with the tools to serve Hollygrove tomorrow. 

TCC provides General Colin Powell’s “America’s Promise” to area youth:

Safe places to go during non-school hours;

Caring adult mentors;

A healthy start for a healthy future;

Opportunities to give back through service; and

Marketable skills.


With our broad array of programs for at-risk youth and community improvement, we are accomplishing this vision.


Current youth programs include, but are not limited to:

After-school tutoring;

Computer assisted learning;

Character education;

Spiritual development;

Substance abuse prevention;

Field trips;

Day camps;

Summer camps;

Entrepreneurship education; and

Service learning opportunities.