TCC Completes Another Year of mSchool

School is over and our mSchool program is complete for the academic year.  We wanted to share a video with you that describes the program and shows our kids in action.  Results thus far show that our students make 2.9 years of progress when attending the program for nine academic months in our after school environment.  As we are continuing the program this summer, who knows what progress they might make!  Watch more here: click for mSchool Video.

Summer Day Camp 2014

2014 flyer summer campWe’ve been doing day camp for a LONG TIME!  I was a day camper at TCC and I’m 52 years old.  It’s tradition around here.

Here’s why.  Every summer kids get a wonderful break from school, but parents don’t get a simultaneous break from work.  So kids stay inside where they are safe while their academic progress deteriorates.

Kids need a place to go where they are loved, where their minds are engaged and where they can have fun.  We provide six weeks of full-day activities including reading, math, Bible classes, African dance, African drumming, swimming and weekly field trips.  Many of our kids come back every year until they are old enough for sleepaway camp.  Some eventually become camp counselors.

Camp is not cheap.  We do a great program but our families struggle to pay the minimal amount we charge, and many are on a sliding fee scale.  Each summer our donors make up the $100 per week gap, providing scholarships for our campers.  It’s a special partnership that keeps our kids engaged and active.

The Hollygrove Chair Project


There’s something about a guy and power tools.  That’s why TCC uses carpentry as a means of mentoring teen students.  Using an architect-designed chair which was vetted through a community design process, the Hollygrove Chair Project is a unique way of teaching young men about the Christ-centered life through a hands-on building project.

Each chair is cut, constructed and painted by hand.  For each chair constructed, one is donated.  So, while the young men learn entrepreneurship, they also learn philanthropy.  Furthermore, the chair is given to seniors of the community with the expectation that it be used as a crime-deterrent (as a concrete representation that someone in the house is aware of crime in the community).

So, you have mentorship, entrepreneurship, crime reduction, philanthropy and Christian leadership development rolled into one project.

To purchase your Hollygrove Chair or to donate the cost of a chair (each costs us $15.00 USD), contact us via email or by phone at 504-482-7822.  It’s a great way to help a young man become a community leader.