TCC Completes Another Year of mSchool

School is over and our mSchool program is complete for the academic year.  We wanted to share a video with you that describes the program and shows our kids in action.  Results thus far show that our students make 2.9 years of progress when attending the program for nine academic months in our after school environment.  As we are continuing the program this summer, who knows what progress they might make!  Watch more here: click for mSchool Video.

Summer Day Camp 2014

With the walls decorated so that a child will feel like they are walking into the ocean, Dive In Summer Camp 2014 began.  LaToya  walked in with a smile from ear to ear. She had been asking her mom when “camp” would start for months now.  LaToya could not wait to be with her friends her at Trinity Christian Community.  Our feelings were the same.   We welcomed in about 45 kids to our day camp this summer.  The theme of “Dive In” took us on many summer adventures. Our day started with recreation then a healthy breakfast.  Our classes had an academic emphasis this year, so the kids rotated between math, reading and Bible lessons.  We had the help of many Mission Teams taught the story of Jesus through skits, games, stories, even the snacks taught the lesson of Jesus’ big love for the kids of Hollygrove. The math was taught on laptop computers, as individualized game-like programs, to help our Hollygrove youth stay on top of math skills.  The reading lesson was taught by a talented reading teacher, who did an excellent job of sharing a love of literature with the kids.  The kids read a book a day, a great task for any child to attain over the summer. The afternoons were filled with African drum lessons, sports camps, African dance lessons, sports, many water balloon fights and much more.  Field trip Fridays are always a highlight of the week, roller skating, jumping on trampolines and thrill rides at City Park were just a few. Once again we had a very successful summer camp.  We thank God for the wonderful kids who attended and the loving adults who volunteer 100’s of hours.  We saw many little lives touched in a positive way, by a Heavenly Father who loves them even more than we do.

The Hollygrove Chair Project


There’s something about a guy and power tools.  That’s why TCC uses carpentry as a means of mentoring teen students.  Using an architect-designed chair which was vetted through a community design process, the Hollygrove Chair Project is a unique way of teaching young men about the Christ-centered life through a hands-on building project.

Each chair is cut, constructed and painted by hand.  For each chair constructed, one is donated.  So, while the young men learn entrepreneurship, they also learn philanthropy.  Furthermore, the chair is given to seniors of the community with the expectation that it be used as a crime-deterrent (as a concrete representation that someone in the house is aware of crime in the community).

So, you have mentorship, entrepreneurship, crime reduction, philanthropy and Christian leadership development rolled into one project.

To purchase your Hollygrove Chair or to donate the cost of a chair (each costs us $15.00 USD), contact us via email or by phone at 504-482-7822.  It’s a great way to help a young man become a community leader.